Filtration products

Non-calendered filter / 20 g/m2

Filtration of water and air, up to 50 μm

Non-calendered filter / 40 g/m2

Filtration of water and air, up to 30 μm

Non-calendered filter / 60 g/m2

Filtration of water and air, up to 20 μm


White wiper / absorbent, 40 g/m2

wide use for cleaning of surfaces in various types of facilities. From daily cleaning to cleaning of very dirty surfaces. The wiper has a high sorption ability and it is possible to use it multiple times. Strengthened by pressing.

Yellow wiper (chemical) / absorbent, 75 g/m2

Can be used especially for cleaning of very dirty facilities and for removing various chemicals. Strengthened by pressing.

Blue wiper / absorbent, 80 g/m2

Suitable both for personal hygiene and for cleaning machinery components and surfaces. Strengthened by pressing.


Calendered chemical pad / 120 g/m2

Suitable as a pad for dirty components or for components with possible leakage of chemical substances.


Chemical sorbent / yellow, 280 g/m2

Used mostly for capturing leaked chemical substances during accidents and uncontrolled leakages.

Universal sorbent / grey, 360 g/m2

A sorbent designated for removal of leaked liquids (water/oil).

Universal sorbent / grey, strengthened, 360 g/m2

For removal of leaked liquids, with strengthened surface and enhanced tensile strength.

Hydrophobic sorbent – oil / white, 360 g/m2

A sorbent designated for cleaning after accidents with leaked oil substances. Does not absorb water, floats and is able to separate oil substances from water.

Hydrophobic sorbent – oil / white, strengthened, 360 g/m2

Has the same properties as the previous sorbent, reinforced, suitable as a pad.